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Finally A “Proactive” Approach to Eliminating Mold in New Homes &       Multi-Family Buildings

"Dedicated to providing the best anti-microbial pretreatment in the industry, Microshield has introduced a unique 2-Step process of pretreatment designed to help Home Builders and General Contractors minimize their liability claims caused by water intrusion events that result in microbial infestation.”
Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth the Cost for Home Builders & General Contractors?

The real question for Home Builders and General Contractors should be, “Is it worth it to know that I have done everything possible to prevent a future outbreak of mold in the homes and buildings that I build?”

“Is it worth it to potentially minimize my personal injury claims that might be brought against me because of an unforeseen water intrusion event?”

Are you willing to make a nominal investment to enhance your current risk management strategy?

Home Builders and General Contractors have successfully developed new building techniques and continually improved upon the design, function, and efficiency of the homes we live in. As these progressive builders improve upon the design and efficiency of our homes they seem to be ignoring the fact that the building envelopes are so tight that they no longer allow the home to breathe.

As our homes and buildings are built with tighter building envelopes we must now address the question, “What happens to the moldy lumber once it is covered up by the drywall?”

Wooden building members with mold on them have the potential to create health related concerns after they are enclosed in wall and ceiling cavities, even though the mold is dormant or inactive, high relative humidity or moisture intrusion via a pipe leak or condensation can turn it into active mold growth.

Microshield Environmental Services, LLC. has introduced a 2 Step Pre-Treatment that is an excellent example of one type of an implemented risk management strategy, more specifically “Risk Abatement”. Applying mold prevention practices to building members at the time of construction can greatly reduce the risk of health and financial threats posed by mold and mildew.

Microshield ES specializes in the application of anti-microbial disinfectant and encapsulants to new construction materials in residential and commercial buildings. Treatment of moldy building members prior to drywall greatly reduces the potential for costly mold remediation and/or litigation should water intrusion or high relative humidity cause mold growth.

Dealing with occupants, tenants, and/or homeowner concerns about mold has become a significant issue for Home Builders and General Contractors as publicity increases consumer awareness and anxiety. The Pro-Active Home Builders and General Contractors are addressing these concerns prior to "close-in," that is, before sheetrock and finishing components are added.

Today, a select number of
Home Builders and General Contractors are taking  steps to minimize their mold liability risk. These Home Builders and General Contractors are using new building envelope designs that improve interior moister control and are using building materials that don’t support mold growth. Additionally, these builders are using Microshield ES pretreatment on all vulnerable surfaces that could support mold growth under the right conditions. The cost of treatment far out weighs the risk associated with a future mold liability law suite.

Now is the time to make a plan for protecting your new construction projects from future liabilities caused by microbial infestation or better known as MOLD.

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Microshield Environmental Services, LLC. specializes in antimicrobial pre-treatment technologies for new construction building surfaces.
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Microshield Mold Pretreatment
Microshield Mold Pretreatment