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Our E.P.A. Registered Antimicrobials

Microshield ES Mold Pretreatment Step #1 is MicrobanŽ QGC an E.P.A. Registered disinfectant, fungicide, virucide sanitizer, mildewstat, deodorizer and heavy duty cleaner.
EPA Reg. 70263-5 EPA Est 70263-PA-001
United States Patent # 3,458,629

Microshield ES Mold Pretreatment Step # 2 is SurfaceShield Encapsulant a patented encapsulating adhesive coating suitable for application to a wide variety of building materials. Microshield ES Encapsulant was developed as a tool for improving indoor air quality.
EPA PC. 024002
United States Patent # 5,066,328

Microshield ES Encapsulant contains an EPA registered antimicrobial agent (copper 8 quinolinolate) that protects the dried film from microbial attack. Microshield ES Encapsulant is made from cosmetic grade materials.

Microshield ES Encapsulant coating protects treated surfaces against abrasion and forms a barrier against microbial laden dust. For application to porous and nonporous surfaces Microshield ES Encapsulant encapsulates loose dust and soil. Microshield ES Encapsulant adheres to smooth surfaces such as metal, plastic and glass. When used as part of a water damage restoration or microbial remediation regimen, the dried Microshield ES Encapsulant coating is a protective dressing for water or microbial damaged building materials. Microshield ES Encapsulant is suitable for use on: Wood, Paper, Gypsum board, Plastic, Metal, Glass and Fiberglass. Microshield ES Encapsulant is recommended for use in: Elevator shafts, crawl spaces, return air plenums, HVAC system components and ductwork, new construction, microbial remediation & water damage restoration.

In recent years, copper-8-quinolinolate chemistry has taken on a new role in the wood protection market. Reflecting today's strong focus on personal safety and concern for the environment, copper-8-containing preservatives are finding increasing acceptance as environmentally acceptable alternatives to such commonly used preservatives as chromated copper arsenate (CCA) and pentachlorophenol.

Copper-8 chemistry is unique in that it has earned the approval of the U.S. FDA for use in indirect food contact applications. EPA-approved copper-8 chemistry also meets all state and federal air quality regulations. What's more, copper-8-containing preservatives do not have the adverse environmental impact associated with CCA preservatives because they will not leach chrome and arsenic compounds into water and the soil. Copper-8 chemistry is used extensively in seed preservatives for a variety of crops in the agricultural products field.

The Florida citrus pallet box is standardized by mutual agreement, rather than by rules and regulations as are other citrus containers in Florida. A joint IFAS-USDA committee, established at the request of the Florida Department of Citrus, recommended in 1966 that pallet boxes should be standardized and the only wood preservative, which has full FDA approval plus adequate testing data from the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, is copper-8-quinolinolate.

Microshield Mold Pretreatment, Frame Stage Mold, Truss Mold
Microshield Mold Pretreatment
Microshield Mold Pretreatment, Frame Stage Mold, Truss Mold
Microshield Mold Pretreatment

Download Microshield Antimicrobial MSDS here:
SurfaceShield PDF MSDS
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