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"an added layer of protection"

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Your new home looks great........
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Frame Stage Mold Pretreatment

Although mold grows anywhere conditions are conducive, your home's structure is particularly vulnerable during the frame stage of construction.

Stop mold growth before it spreads by applying the Microshield 2 Step Anti-Microbial Pre-Treatment to your home's completed structure prior to drywall.

MicroShield Environmental Services
uses a 2 Step System to Clean, Disinfect, and Protect the Home. Both steps are safe, approved, and non-corrosive.

The 1st Step Destroys Microorganisms upon contact, Safely Cleaning and Disinfecting the Home.

2nd Step Encapsulates the Structure and prevents airborne microorganisms from regenerating while providing the Builder and Homebuyer a 20 Year Warranty.


Antimicrobial Duct Treatment

The Microshield Antimicrobial Duct Treatment can play a vital role in your indoor air quality. Duct Fogging forms a barrier against microbial laden dust, protecting your duct work from microbial attack and improving the air you breathe.

A New home is open to the elements during construction leaving the A/C ducts susceptible to microbial laden dust.  Protect your New Home by treating the duct work with SurfaceShield.

The average North American spends over 20 hours a day inside a closed structure. Our indoor lifestyle has made indoor air quality an extremely important part of health and well-being. Your indoor air pollutants could include: bacteria & viruses, molds, household chemicals, formaldehyde & other VOCs.

"Certified IAQ Healthy Home" 
Most inspectors merely observe and note mold growth. We monitor your homes Indoor Environment for 3 days. 

We identify any and all Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues within your home such as Temperature problems, Improper air flow, Improper humidity levels, Elevated levels of airborne particles such as dust and dust mites, pollen, mold and mildew, tobacco smoke, pet dander, Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released as gases from paints, solvents, varnishes, furniture and carpeting, household cleaning agents, Elevated levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), an indicator of poor ventilation, and Elevated levels of carbon monoxide (CO), a toxic gas. 

We then provide you with a report that contains a cover page with a summary, analysis, and recommendations sections based on the test results, and a detailed analysis section with easy to read charts and graphs.

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Microshield Mold Pretreatment, Frame Stage Mold, Truss Mold
Microshield Mold Pretreatment
Microshield Mold Pretreatment, Frame Stage Mold, Truss Mold
Microshield Mold Pretreatment