Microshield Environmental Services, LLC.

"an added layer of protection"

Microshield the most cost effective and complete mold pretreatment available.

Your only answer to Frame Stage Mold is MicroShield  Mold Pretreatment & Mold Free Building Materials.

Microshield Mold Pretreatment, Frame Stage Mold, Truss Mold
Microshield Mold Pretreatment
Microshield uses a 2 Step Mold Pretreatment System to Clean, Disinfect, and Protect the Home. Both steps are safe, approved, and non-corrosive. Providing Superior Mold Protection and Mold Prevention for Homebuilders and Home Buyers.

The 1st Mold Pretreatment Step destroys micro-organisms upon contact, Safely Cleaning and Disinfecting the Home. Providing Superior Mold Protection and Mold Prevention for Homebuilders and Home Buyers.

Microshield Mold Pretreatment
Microshield Mold Pretreatment
Microshield #1 with microban qgc, was designed to eliminate microbial growth on contact.

Microshield #2 Encapsulant,
with micropel, was designed to prevent future growth and the spread of mold spores.

Microshield Environmental Services Mold Pretreatment is applied during the frame stage of construction when the home is "inspection ready." We provide complete coverage of the homes interior, including masonry and wood frame exterior walls, metal and wood frame interior walls, trusses, doors, windows, and plumbing.

Microshield ES protects all treated surfaces against microbial growth backed by a 20 Year Warranty.

Start providing your Buyers "an added layer of protection"

Microshield is proud that what you see on the outside of the walls is just as nice between the walls. Microshield is constantly looking for new IAQ industry innovations to help our Builders manage and control the Indoor Air Quality of their homes.  Care and concern for the Indoor Air Quality of your homes.
Thatís the Microshield difference.

Microshield Mold Pretreatment
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